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Boxes Wirral

Provides an extensive range of boxes and packaging materials. We pride ourselves in sourcing the highest quality products at prices to suit almost all budgets.

Everyone at some stage in their lives will require the need for boxes and packaging materials. You could be moving house, decorating, placing goods into a storage facility, or just be having a general sort out.

Boxes Wirral provides extra strong and reusable heavy duty cardboard boxes. We have archive boxes for file storage, wardrobe boxes for storage of clothing items as well as a variety of different box sizes for your individual needs. We also supply a wide range of protective wraps, tape and coverings.

With prices starting from as little as 60 pence, if you need boxes and packaging then you’ve come to the right place!

We are situated within Adams Selfstore which is walking distance from Hamilton Square, the centre of the business hub of Birkenhead.